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Start the season off on the right foot and adapt your surroundings to the sunnier months ahead (oh, the anticipation!) In other words, it’s good for your mind, body and soul. We’re taking a look at some simple tips and tricks that will help your summertime home décor gorgeously come into bloom.

1. Out with the Old

The first step in the process is parting with things that – as Marie Kondo would say – no longer bring you joy. Those winter sweaters you never wore? Donate them to charity. That tube of mascara that just expired? Toss it out and buy a new one. Sort through your closet, beauty products, office paperwork, home décor, the fridge… everything! Once your current belongings are organized, you can comfortably (and intelligently) bring some fresh ones in.

2. In with the New

And now… the fun part! Adding some new decorations is a great way to give your house a summer-infused makeover. Before you go wild with colorful prints and patterns galore, take an honest look at what you need as well as what you want. Walk through your home and imagine different color palettes within each room. Would a pastel blanket or embellished pillow revive that muted loveseat? Would new linens take your bedding from dull to revived? Look for opportunities to add color, but also consider subtle changes like favoring clean neutrals or simply opening up windows for some fresh air. Keep in mind that out-of-sight storage solutions can greatly impact your home environment, as well.

3. Add Color

Color truly does make a difference in the way your home looks and feels. All too often, people tend to shy away from color pops. A periwinkle accent wall? Orange and yellow printed wallpaper? We understand that bright hues are intimidating… but they’re incredibly striking and powerful when used appropriately. Don’t be afraid to paint a room in a shade that’s outside your comfort zone. You may discover that it’s exactly what you want. After all, taking a risk can lead to colorful rewards. And if the results are not exactly what you had in mind, no worries! It’s just paint. Relax, and take a walk on the bright side.

4. Weave a Message

One of the easiest ways to transition your home for summer is through earthy textures. We’re talking wicker baskets, weathered finishes and gauzy linens. Think of the items you might find on an outdoor patio, and go from there. Rattan furnishings, wooden palettes, tin garden tubs… simply bring these outdoor elements inside.

5. Meet your Greens

Speaking of bringing the great outdoors inside for a change, don’t forget to incorporate your green thumb talents inside your home, as well. Spruce up your apartment or home interior with potted plants, vibrant flowers and desert-inspired succulents. Basically, add as much plant life as you like. From plant stands to hanging rope planters, nothing says summer like garden greenery, so style your home accordingly.

Happy (and inspired) summer decorating!

XO, the Chan Luu team

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