Five Pet Safe House Plants

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Our pets bring so much happiness to our homes, and keeping them safe inside them is imperative. Many people, however, are unaware that several common houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs, and this toxicity can prove debilitating or even fatal. That’s why we’re browsing the best pet-friendly botanicals to incorporate into your home décor. Knowing which plants are safe for pets can prevent your puppy love or feline friend from becoming sick, and you’ll feel confident knowing that no matter what houseplants your pets get into (and you know they’ll get into something), they won't be in danger.

(Keeping your plants safe from your pets, on the other hand… that might just be a challenge!)


Donkey’s Tail (which is also commonly referred to as Lamb’s Tail, Burro’s Tail or Horse’s Tail) is far more than the standard type of succulent. Its thick ropes of greenery cascade brilliantly over the sides of a planter with a look that mimics Medusa’s serpentine strands, only braided. This houseplant is particularly ideal for someone with little gardening experience, as it requires minimal maintenance and is very tolerant when it comes to potential newbie mistakes.

Chances are high that even the most novice gardener recognizes the Boston Fern, the most common variety of indoor fern and a staple household plant since the Victorian era. This frilly houseplant gives a whole new meaning to lush leaves with its intricate and voluminous texture. This fern needs some shade and regular watering, or else it might yellow in the sun. Looking for something a little more unique? Try the Lemon Button Fern, which is another pet-friendly option.

Also referred to as lilyturf or lilirope, this non-toxic plant boasts a rich purple color that’s the kind of backdrop we imagine strolling through in our fringed kimonos, silk saris or georgette women’s apparel. Turf Lily is also known to improve oxygen levels and air quality within a home in addition to its signature beauty, and it requires plenty of light and regular watering.

Bamboo is notoriously linked with good fortune, so keeping a few stalks in your home is certainly a good idea. In fact, the common belief is that a higher number of bamboo stalks yields greater fortune, so look for plentiful stems if you want to see your luck improve. Keep in mind that it’s vital to keep the roots of this beloved Asian plant covered with water. You don’t want your luck dying, after all.

It’s hard to ignore the beauty of this blossoming succulent. Echeveria comes in a variety of calming colors, but we can’t help but think that this houseplant looks especially eye-catching in blue hues. While not a cactus, it does survive with little water and is resistant to drought, although regular watering is recommended.

Before bringing any plant into a home with pets, be sure to check the ASPCA’s full list of toxic and non-toxic plants to ensure that your animals are well protected. Hanging planters can keep plants out of reach from little nibblers, as well, and they make beautiful additions to your overall decor.