Design Essentials for a Wine Night

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Nothing brings people together quite like good food and great wine. If you’re playing hostess for an upcoming wine night. Entertain like a pro with must have essentials:


First things first: You have to be able to open the wine in order to get the party properly started! Choose a well-made corkscrew with a decorative handle that matches your design aesthetic. Function is the top priority, but you want your kitchen accessories to look chic, too.


Stemmed, fluted, oversized… the choice of glassware is entirely yours to make. You’ll want to select a design, however, based on your overall needs. What type of wine will you be drinking, and how many people will you regularly entertain? If you typically serve cabernet or merlot with dinner, you’ll want a bordeaux glass, while pinot noir fans may prefer a burgundy wine glass instead. White wine is usually served in a U-shaped glass, sparkling drinks like champagne are best served in flutes, and dessert wines call for fortified glassware.

A Decanter

A decanter is a wine-night essential for two reasons. First, it’s a gorgeous addition to any tablescape. Second, its open design allows wine to aerate or breathe. It’s widely believed that this aeration process allows aromatic elements to be released while lessening the harsh tastes of tannins. (Sweet.)

Slate Serving Board

Wine night isn’t complete without some accompanying cheese trays, and a polished presentation makes a world of difference. Choose a serving board for your favorite cheese flavors, and fill it to the brim with all kinds of tasty indulgences. There are four specific types of cheese to include in your lineup: bloomy, hard, blue and fresh. Bloomy cheese is creamy; hard cheese is typically extra salty and aged; blue cheese is pungent; and fresh cheese is soft and spreadable. Use this guide to match them with your wine list.

Cheese Markers

Once you’ve chosen your cheese flavors, you’ll want to sort them accordingly. Group them by the types listed above, and then identify each specific cheese with the help of cheese markers. These handy labels come in a variety of styles to suit your party theme, and they make it easy for guests to decide which ones they’d like to try.

Ice Bucket

You’ll want to serve white wine chilled, so it helps to have a couple of ice buckets on hand to properly cool these down to your guests’ liking. Red wines, however, are best served at room temperature.

Pretty Dishes

You’ve gone to all the trouble of making your wine and cheese station look party perfect, so don’t skimp on your dishes. Small dessert plates are ideal for rounding up a nice sampling of cheese offerings, and they’re easier to handle than larger designs. If you’re planning to wine and dine, try adding some grape-inspired purple accents to complement your vino.


Keep things tidy by making cocktail napkins readily available to your guests. You also may want to stash a bottle of club soda nearby in case a splash of wine results in a (gasp!) fabric stain.


Of course, no stylish party is complete without the perfect outfit and accessories. Treat yourself to a pre-layered Chan Luu overlay sweater to go along with this mix-and-match theme, or toss on one of our women’s scarves for an elegant finishing touch.


Cheers to a spirited evening!