How To Make a Bead Bar Bracelet


Step 1. Lay Out Your Materials

In each kit you’ll receive a length of Mokuba cord and assorted gemstones and beads which you’ll use to assemble your bracelet. We like to separate each bead by color to make it easier to pick and choose.

Step 2. Arrange Your Bead Pattern

Start arranging your beads and charms (optional) in a line. Try mixing and matching different colors and textures to find the arrangement that’s right for you. Have fun — there’s no right or wrong way to do it!

Step 3. Start Stringing

Once you’ve created your bead pattern, begin stringing them one by one on the cord. Check the length periodically to make sure the bracelet fits comfortably around your wrist. If it’s too short, add more beads — if it’s too long, remove a few until you’ve found the right length.

Step 4. Knots Are Your Friend

Once you’ve finished stringing your beads, tie simple knots at opposite ends of the bracelet to hold the beads in place. You can also finish the loose ends of the bracelet by adding an end bead and making knots to secure it. Your bracelet is ready to wear!

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