Love Story: Brian and Jessie De Lowe

The De Lowes are the definition of a dynamic duo/powerhouse couple—but spend any time in their presence and you’re mostly just thinking about how fun and easygoing they are. Oh, and how their genuine love and respect for one another is undeniable.

Both entrepreneurs at heart, Brian is the President and Co-Founder of Proper Hospitality, while Jessie works with private clients as a manifestation advisor. In the midst of their full and fulfilling careers, they prioritize making plenty of time for each other, along with their two young daughters. Here, they share their insights into the value of nurturing their own relationship, after which “everything else in the family falls into place.”

We’d love to hear a bit about how/where you first met…

We met in Los Angeles on the dating app, Raya. We both happened to know the creators of the app so we were on it while it was in beta mode, when there were very few people on it and all friends of friends. Our first date was at a Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood.

What were your first impressions of each other and how have they changed over time?

Jessie — My first impression of Brian was that he was the most fun, lovable human being that I felt like I already knew forever, and simultaneously couldn’t wait to get to know more. I called my Mom after our second date exclaiming with excitement that I had met my husband. I knew from the beginning that we were incredibly compatible and over time that has proven to be truer than I imagined.


Brian — Somehow, after our very first date, I just knew that Jessie was going to be my forever soulmate. I was so drawn to her beauty and felt an aura from her that was both wildly attractive and comforting/grounding. I called my Mom after our first date and told her I had met my wife (which she was shocked by, given that she knew I was absolutely not looking for marriage). I obviously could have never known that Jessie would be my perfect soulmate after one date but somehow, magically, it was the truth.

What was your dating experience like and when did it become clear that you wanted to commit to each other long-term?

We had so much fun dating each other—there was such an enthusiasm and momentum that luckily wasn’t affected by all the travel we had already put in place for ourselves before we met. Jessie took two long trips to Bali and Australia, and Brian was in New York and Cuba in our first few months of dating—but that time apart just made our connection stronger. We truly knew from the beginning that we were in it for the long haul, so we were trying our best to not move too fast despite us wanting to basically move in together and get married right away, haha.

How has your love/relationship evolved the longer you’ve been together?

Having children and going through various big transitions and life challenges during our relationship has made us incredibly strong and connected. We are lovers, friends, co-parents, best friends and family. As we’ve navigated life together we have learned to be a really amazing team.

You both have full careers and two young daughters besides…how do you prioritize nurturing your own relationship amidst the busyness of work and family life?

We are both incredibly dedicated to our careers and we love our adorable daughters more than anything in the world, but we’ve been very clear from the get-go that we will always prioritize one another first. We truly believe that if a couple has a strong relationship, everything else in the family falls into place. We schedule 1-2 dates a week (weekday evenings and/or weekend day dates) and prioritize getting help so that we can really focus on each other.

What are some of the things you most enjoy doing together when it’s just the two of you?

We love hiking on the various gorgeous trails near our home, going to the beach, doing yoga, playing tennis, cooking at home or going out to delicious meals, enjoying wine together, playing cards, e-biking, and brainstorming about our creative projects, our home and future travel.

Brian Wears: Silver Single Wrap Bracelet on Natural Black Leather and Black Onyx Stamp Bracelet Jessie Wears: Labradorite Cliff Cuff

What’s your practical day-to-day advice for cultivating and sustaining a committed relationship?

— Give your partner the space and support to pursue their dreams, to change/evolve, and to always be learning.

— Relationships don’t make you happy—so make sure you do what you need to make yourself happy so you can bring that to the relationship.

— Never forget about the importance of intimacy.

— Communicate—especially about the gratitude you feel for your partner.

What has surprised and delighted you most about your shared life together?

We’ve been able to really manifest our dreams together in so many major ways, but we both agree that it’s really the simple day-to-day pleasures that bring us the ultimate joy and give us the most fulfillment.