Bandanas & Scrunchies

Add a dash of color or a bold print to your hairdo with these versatile accessories.

Add a dash of color or a bold print to your hairdo with these versatile accessories.

When you feel like switching up your accessories, a high quality handmade bandana is the perfect item to add a pop of color to any outfit. Our unique women’s bandanas are composed of soft, lightweight viscose gauze, chiffon or 100% silk, making for an easy and comfortable statement piece.

Show off a bandana in multiple ways: it looks classic tied at the neck, but it’s just as fabulous sported as a headscarf – or tied loosely to your bag, where it serves as a colorful accessory. Our designers love the sunny-day feel of a tassel bandana scarf wrapped around the handle of a bamboo basket.

For even more versatility, go for a bandana scrunchie, like the silk Urban Chic 2-in-1 Scrunchie with Bandana. Printed in our fresh take on paisley, this design features a detachable scrunchie; together they form a flowing bohemian hair tie.

Lastly, don’t miss our vintage bandanas, which celebrate and update the bandana’s old-school origins. Pairing a Black Vintage Polka Dot Bandana or Café Crème Nutmeg Vintage Print Bandana over a simple blouse or blazer is just one way to link the traditional and modern. Add jeans and leather boots for a sophisticated take on the Western trend. Buy our bandanas online now!

Our collection of handmade scrunchies gathers high-quality fabrics, updated prints and a variety of colorways to bring this hot throwback into the modern day. Made of 100% silk or viscose gauze, our scrunchies are soft and lightweight.

Meanwhile, our scrunchies with bows are effortlessly charming – all the sunny personality of a bow without any need to tie it. And for even more flair, try out a 2-in-1 bandana scrunchie with a long flowing bandana tied to the scrunchie—or wear them as separates. 

Browse our full collection of scrunchies online for more styles. Then complete your look with more accessories and take a look at our handmade Cashmere scarves, cotton & wool scarves or skinny scarves and necktie.