Amethyst Tab Herringbone NecklaceAmethyst Tab Herringbone Necklace
Citrine Tab Herringbone NecklaceCitrine Tab Herringbone Necklace
Amethyst Mix Charm NeclaceAmethyst Mix Charm Neclace
Bronzite Tablet Pendant NecklaceBronzite Tablet Pendant Necklace
Chrysoprase Devi HoopsChrysoprase Devi Hoops

Chrysoprase Devi Hoops

$100.00 $145.00
Blue Chalcedony Devi HoopsBlue Chalcedony Devi Hoops
Tiger's Eye Devi HoopsTiger's Eye Devi Hoops

Tiger's Eye Devi Hoops

$100.00 $145.00
Chalcedony Mix Rise EarringsChalcedony Mix Rise Earrings
Gold Hibiscus Seraphinite Drop EarringsGold Hibiscus Seraphinite Drop Earrings
Hypersthene Mix Voyage HoopsHypersthene Mix Voyage Hoops
Jade Mix Charm NecklaceJade Mix Charm Necklace

Jade Mix Charm Necklace

$195.00 $245.00
Labradorite Theta NecklaceLabradorite Theta Necklace
Avocado Watercolor Cashmere and Silk ScarfAvocado Watercolor Cashmere and Silk Scarf
Butterscotch Gingham Cashmere and Silk ScarfButterscotch Gingham Cashmere and Silk Scarf
Bright Chai Vintage Floral Cashmere and Silk ScarfBright Chai Vintage Floral Cashmere and Silk Scarf
Marigold Free Bird Cashmere and Silk ScarfMarigold Free Bird Cashmere and Silk Scarf
White Pearl Mix Charm NecklaceWhite Pearl Mix Charm Necklace
Matte Tiger's Eye AnkletMatte Tiger's Eye Anklet
Champagne Pearl Penina Pendant NecklaceChampagne Pearl Penina Pendant Necklace
Green Jade & Labradorite Cyprus NecklaceGreen Jade & Labradorite Cyprus Necklace
Blue Mix Theta BraceletBlue Mix Theta Bracelet

Blue Mix Theta Bracelet

$225.00 $375.00
Bone Daphne Charm NecklaceBone Daphne Charm Necklace
Multi Mix Theta BraceletMulti Mix Theta Bracelet

Multi Mix Theta Bracelet

$265.00 $375.00
Abalone Mix Step Naked Wrap BraceletAbalone Mix Step Naked Wrap Bracelet
Citrine Jasper Mix Naked Wrap BraceletCitrine Jasper Mix Naked Wrap Bracelet
Moonstone Mix and Pearl Wrap BraceletMoonstone Mix and Pearl Wrap Bracelet
Multi Mix Odyssey NecklaceMulti Mix Odyssey Necklace
Mineral Yellow Crux Cashmere and Silk ScarfMineral Yellow Crux Cashmere and Silk Scarf
Medieval Blue Crux Cashmere and Silk ScarfMedieval Blue Crux Cashmere and Silk Scarf
Pomegranate Crux Cashmere and Silk ScarfPomegranate Crux Cashmere and Silk Scarf
Smokey Mix Odyssey NecklaceSmokey Mix Odyssey Necklace
Turquoise  Odyssey NecklaceTurquoise  Odyssey Necklace
Blue Chalcedony Odyssey NecklaceBlue Chalcedony Odyssey Necklace
Hypersthene Odyssey NecklaceHypersthene Odyssey Necklace
Sunstone Mix Odyssey NecklaceSunstone Mix Odyssey Necklace