Caring For Your Jewelry

By following these simple steps, you can be sure to elongate the life of your jewelry, and keep it looking as beautiful as the day you received it.

Polishing Cloths

Polishing cloths are a must for keeping your jewelry looking fresh. They can remove tarnish and dirt and will restore your jewelry to its original luster. Keep in mind there are different cloths specific to gold and silver—the one for silver is rougher and should never be used on plated gold pieces.

To use the polishing cloth properly, use the correct side for your particular piece. Apply gentle pressure at first. Take care not to pull on chains, as this could break or stretch the links. Rub carefully until your piece shines once again.


While you may see cleansers advertised for cleaning your jewelry, we generally don’t recommend the use of liquid cleaners, as they can be harsh and can strip gold plating. They may also damage pearls, gemstones, and diamonds if used incorrectly.

Proper Storage

When not being worn, it’s best to keep your jewelry stored in a dry place away from humidity (i.e. not in your bathroom!). Remember to remove your pieces before swimming, bathing, or exercising, as both salt water and chlorine aren’t good for the life of your jewelry. Avoid tangling your jewelry by hanging each piece individually, laying it flat, or storing in the provided jewelry box when not being worn.


Although we believe in day-after-day wear of your favorite pieces, it’s important to keep a few things in mind—even for your never-take-them-off pieces—in order to prolong their life. Do your best to prevent your jewelry from coming in contact with perfumes, lotions, and creams. If you can avoid light and strong sun, especially while being stored, do so. Both of these factors can fade gemstones and fade or crack your leathers. And lastly, keep your individual pieces separate…not jumbled together in a jewelry box where they can rub together or get tangled.

14k Gold and Gold Plated

Solid gold pieces should be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth and kept away from damp areas. For any plated gold pieces, you’ll still want to clean with a cloth, but be sure to only lightly polish the piece(s), as the plated gold can rub off if handled too roughly. Over the lifetime of the piece, the plated gold surface will start to wear off with time. The best way to store this kind of jewelry is to keep it away from humidity, and to avoid any abrasives. Your pieces may also start to tarnish if kept unworn in storage for a long time.

Sterling Silver

The best way to keep your sterling pieces is to wear it! Wearing your sterling silver regularly actually benefits your pieces—the oils on your skin can act as a preventative from tarnishing. Be sure to store your silver away from damp areas in between wears. If your piece is starting to dull, give it a polish with your cleaning cloth.


Diamonds are best cared for using mild soap and water and microfiber cloth to clean.


Pearls can similarly be cleaned with mild soap and water and microfiber cloth—again, no sponges. Take extra care with your pearls because they can shatter if dropped or by striking against hard surfaces.


Gemstones should be cleaned in a dish of mild soap and water, using a microfiber cloth for any light rubbing. Avoid using sponge or anything that could abrade the surface of the stone. Certain gemstones tend to naturally change appearance over time — for instance matte stones can take on a more satin-like finish.


It’s good to keep in mind that your leather will naturally darken over time and is a part of the charm and beauty of this material. However, if your leather needs a light cleaning, you can dab it with a damp cloth, lightly wetted with soap and water. It’s generally best to keep leather away from water, so remember to remove any leather before bathing or exercising. We also don’t recommend using leather conditioners on our jewelry, as these can discolor gemstones and pearls. To store, keep in a cool, dry place away from moisture and light.

Should your jewelry require a little more attention, our Repairs team can help restore your piece to its original shine. Email and we will do our best to assist you.