Layering Your Bracelets Like a Natural

Sprezzatura is an oh-so-Italian concept that means doing something extremely well while also looking as though it comes with no apparent effort. (It's also fun to say!) We’re applying this idea to layering our bracelets and doing so in a way that looks perfectly natural, uncalculated, and effortless.

The best approach is to keep in mind a few key principles when layering or pairing different pieces together. We like to focus on complementary colors, contrasting textures, layering differing volumes, and keeping tones consistent.

Here’s our go-to visual guide for stacking your bracelets with an air of casual grace.

Keep It Fun

Mix and match across materials and styles to keep it fun and fresh. Adding a letter charm or simple pull-tie bracelet will make your combination feel light and playful and keeps the look from becoming too serious.

Embrace Elegance

Layer thin chains and dainty styles together for a delicate, ethereal look. You’ll create visual interest by mixing bracelets with different stones, chain sizes, etc.

Your Inner Glow

Commit to a single palette to achieve that warm, radiant look against your skin — gold, tiger’s eye, and vibrant red work well for this approach.

Mix & Match

Stack a wrap bracelet with a cuff and a single wrap to emphasize contrasting silhouettes and volumes. Sticking with a common material, like gold or turquoise, creates a through-line that seamlessly ties the pieces together.

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Pearls come in all sizes, shapes, and styles — layer different types to create an unexpected look.

Let Us Do It For You!

Lastly, for the easiest approach of all, skip the guesswork and let us do the layering — bracelet sets are an easy way to create a stacked look that truly takes no effort.