Mother's Day Ideas

Make a Wildflower Bouquet

Spring is in full bloom and that means wild flowers are popping up everywhere. Forage for these flowers for a bouquet — it can be large or small — showing off nature’s beauty.

You can also support your local florist. Here in LA we love Birch and Bone and Hand and Rose.

Send Her Homemade Bread

Time to put all that practice into action with a loaf of delicious homemade bread. NYT’s no knead bread is a classic recipe and a great place to start if you haven’t tried baking bread. before.

If you want to try something new, make a batch of homemade crackers. We’ve been obsessed with Loria Stern‘s recipe decorated with carrot tops. The recipe can be found on her Instagram story highlights.

Send a Gardening Kit

We’ve been satisfying our work from home with some gardening. A packet of seeds from Fig Earth Supply and a greenhouse kit can kickstart the veggie garden she’s always wanted.

Zoom Dinner

While nothing beats meals sat around a shared table, sometimes we have to make do if you live far away. Order dinner delivery for the two of you and schedule a video call to enjoy together.

And of Course ... Jewelry!

Send her a care package with some jewels or a bandana. A classic pair of earrings or this stunner necklace from Summer '20 make for a timeless gift.