Summer Earring Trends

Summer has officially arrived and, whether traveling near or far, now’s the perfect time to hone your jewelry collection — starting with the latest that are a mashup of both fun and functional and minimalist meets maximalist.

Last year leaned into the “more is more” vibe, translating into big and bold mood-boosting accessories. While those looks are here to stay, we’re seeing a balance with the addition of minimalist pieces that speak to what wearers really want: self-expressive accessories that simultaneously serve a function. This means you can expect a mix of statement pieces, wearable art, and natural materials and silhouettes trending in earrings this year.

Sculpture & Symbolism

If you’re on the search for the ultimate self-expression accessory, sculptural and symbolic designs may be just what you’re looking for. These styles reach back into historical references and culture to create pieces full of meaning.

We’ve long since embraced the power of symbolism and nature, applying it to many of our creations, like our best-selling evil eye and ancient coin collections, and in our latest earring designs offering dramatic displays of symbolic charms and organic shapes.

Pearls & More Pearls

The pearl earring designs you’ll see this summer are literally dripping in every iridescent variety imaginable; from alluring organic baroque pearl drop earrings to delicate rice pearls and even double cascades of freshwater pearls.

A mainstay in the Chan Luu collection, and a personal favorite, are our gold-dipped designs. They feature gold caps applied to semi-precious stones, including turquoise, agate, and aquamarine, and, of course, over pearls. And because pearls are a classic that transcend trends, you can be sure that whatever design you choose, they’ll become a favorite in your collection as well.

Chandelier Earrings & Hoops on Hoops

This year’s looks feature a mix of colorful stones and metals in dramatic tiered silhouettes like the chandelier earring. For example our Labradorite Luna Chandelier Earrings or our Bolide Turquoise Earrings with etched gold studs and turquoise beads on delicate chains. These intricate, yet lightweight, designs are ideal for effortlessly dressing up any minimalist summer outfit.

Go Minimal

On the other side of the spectrum is the trend for earrings that embrace a ‘barely there’ look, meant to become one with the skin. Think delicate metal designs like our handmade gold bar chain thread through earrings that hang gracefully with flowing gold chains, or our gold bar and hook earrings that are refined yet make a daring statement with striking curved lines.

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Flower Power

Warm weather brings blooms and this year is no different. Floral patterns are a hallmark of Chan Luu designs and are applied to everything from our signature cashmere and silk scarves to statement earrings, like our Magnolia Drop Earrings that bring together two of this summer’s hottest jewelry looks with their oversized blossoms and graduated pearl drops. Carved floral details embellish the latest earring designs that are quickly becoming some of the season’s most popular accessories.

Another trend mashup can be seen in our mother-of-pearl coin earrings that feature hand-painted floral scenes and gold detailing. They’re a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, and entirely sum up the season in one accessory.

Pops Of Color

Color is everywhere this season and, like many of the 2023 jewelry trends, you’re either going to see it vividly displayed in bold eye-catching pieces or in more subdued pops of color. Either way, we’re here for it and Chan Luu’s summer earring collection is the proof.

The colors we’ve embraced are inspired by summer scenery, including the sea blue hues of mesmerizing Amazonite and Mexican turquoise that pop against polished silvers and radiant golden caps.

Beads For Days

Monochromatic or rainbow, beads are once again shining bright among this summer’s jewelry designs. Paired with sleek metals, beads of different sizes and shapes are bringing those pops of color to classic pieces, as seen in our heishi hoops, as well as in ultra-playful earrings like our lantern hoops that feature stacked gold and quartz heishi beads on a thread through post.

In conclusion, earring trends offer a delightful playground for fashion enthusiasts. By staying attuned to the latest trends and embracing a style that resonates with you, you can effortlessly showcase your unique fashion sensibilities. So, go ahead, adorn your ears with the latest trending earring styles, and let your style tell your story.