Ten Things That Remind Us of Love

As the saying goes, love is all around us (it’s everywhere we go). So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to test this theory to see if it was true. What we discovered is that if you simply look, you can find love in all sorts of unexpected places. From books, to films and even scents, here are ten things that remind us of love.

1. Come In Closer” by Rhye

With its lush strings and gentle beat, Rhye’s “Come In Closer" captures the feeling of sharing an intimate moment. Josh Milowe’s distinctive contralto and the band’s impeccable smoothness are on full display.

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2. Chungking Express

Two heartbroken detectives find love at a snack counter in Wong Kar Wai’s freewheeling two part masterpiece set in Hong Kong. We’re obsessed with the charm and youthful energy of this film and for the way it captures the happenstance nature of love. Plus, the soundtrack turned “California Dreamin” by the Mamas and the Papas into an iconic moment in international cinema.

Watch on Criterion Channel.

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3. Pink Opal Pendant Necklace & Triangle White Diamond Drop 14k Pavé Earrings

This pink opal pendant reminds us of a Valentine’s Day candy in the most elegant way, and is there anything more timeless or enduring than diamonds pavé earrings (aside from true love, of course)?

4. Just Kids

In this memoir, poet and musician Patti Smith recounts her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the 1960s. Set in New York, it’s just as much a love letter to the city as it is to Smith’s soul mate.

5. Risotto Milanese with Gold Leaf

The way to our heart is definitely through our stomach. Add a little gold and we’ll be head over heels. This simple, decadent dish is made even more luxurious with the presence of a single square of edible gold leaf.

6. Stone Wash Linen Apron

Some of our most cherished moments have been spent in the kitchen. We can't wait to cook up more memories in this linen apron.

7. Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri Sacchett

A welcome and old fashioned alternative to candles and incense. We like to fill up a beautiful vase or clay pot to capture its essence and imagine ourselves in Tuscany on a warm summer evening with someone special.

8. ISA ISA Floral

We love ISA ISA’s elegantly untamed florals. Sophia Moreno-Bunge’s eye for a delightfully off-kilter arrangement always captures our imagination.

From $165. $30 Delivery in LA.

9. Mauve French Floral Cashmere And Silk Scarf

This cozy scarf is crafted from ultra-soft cashmere and silk that feels like a warm hug. We especially love its light floral pink print.

10. Rumah Hujan Villa in Ubud

Bali is an iconic romantic destination and this dream house nestled in the lush jungle of Ubud is at the top of our list of places to visit once we are able to travel again. Architect Maximilian Jencquel worked with Indonesian craftsmen to build the home by hand using reclaimed woods and focusing on minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment.