Hanna Besirevic

Born in Sarajevo and raised in Norway, Hanna is a photographer and filmmaker who counts MAC, Nike, Carven and Garnier amongst her esteemed roster of clients. Her relaxed, effortless style and thoughtful approach to the fashion industry makes her a rarity in a trend-obsessed digital world. On a Sunday afternoon, Hanna invited us into her gorgeous Condesa apartment filled with light, art and books to sit down and chat about her adopted city, creating a 'museum of memories' at home, and focusing her wardrobe on items that carry meaning.

Can you describe your personal style in a few words? Who / what influences you the most?

My personal style is always evolving. I love a good pair of pants in all shapes and material. The rest is more changeable and fun. My grandmother and mom are a big influence, especially in the cool pants department.

I love your apartment. Can you tell me how it came together?

I would love to take credit for all of it but my fiancée Santiago loves interior design. He and his cousin Sebastien, who is an architect, imagined the whole space together. A lot of the furniture was even designed by them. I decide the photography on the walls. Some are mine and others from his mother. We are both photographers. If you look closely it's a little museum of our memories.

Has living in Mexico City influenced your style?

Big yes. I never knew what hand crafted meant until I moved to Mexico. The artistry and history that goes into textile making is incredible. I only buy my clothes from local designers. I also fell in love with color only when I moved here.

Do you wear jewelry every day? What is your most treasured item?

My engagement ring and my grandmothers ring I never take off. Both gifted to me by people I love and hold very dear. I think jewelry is like an amulet, a small object giving me comfort and protection — it becomes a part of me.

You work as a fashion film director. Has working in the industry influenced your style at all? What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

Being around fashion I learned how much stuff needs to be produced constantly. People work so hard to feed the trends that are insatiable. This made me see the difference between style and trend. I guess I became a little less trendy and started purchasing fewer pieces with more longevity and meaning.

The most interesting part of my job are the people. You have very intense relationships with a lot of talented strangers for a few weeks and then you are done, moving on to the next project. The talent on the market is endless and if you are lucky you get to collaborate with them. This amazes me the most.

Three favorite places in Mexico City?

That's hard! Lago DF in Polanco for shopping, La Docena for lunch and Bar Oriente for dinner and karaoke. And so so many more places...

All photographs by Erinn Springer.